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Cinnamon Solar is Silicon Valley’s Premier Solar Installer. Providing prompt, direct, no-nonsense residential and commercial solar installation services since 2001.

Solar Made Easy

We’re a full-service solar installer with a heritage of over 10,000 happy customers since 2001. We’ll get your residential or commercial project done quickly and efficiently.

Reliable and Guaranteed for 25 Years

All equipment that we install is unconditionally guaranteed for 25 years. We monitor the performance of every solar panel so you can be confident of your energy savings. For any follow up service, we’re always around for add-ons or repair work—quickly and efficiently.

Made in the U.S.A.

We feature high quality solar panels that are designed and manufactured right here in San Jose. Our systems are surprisingly affordable, and help support our local economy.

Your Local Residential and Commercial Installer

Local building departments know us — we’ve been providing training to building inspectors in Silicon Valley since 2003. Our friendly work crews are employees (not outside contractors) and strive for your 100% satisfaction.

Why pay more for a Made in the U.S.A. system? We guarantee that our pricing for a rooftop system using U.S. made solar panels will be less than a comparable system using non-U.S.A. solar panels..

What Our Customers Are Saying

We have been very pleased with the results we have gotten from our Cinnamon Solar System on our home in Los Gatos. The system has produced more electricity in the first two months than we have consumed. We are very impressed considering it is only April. We would also like to commend the entire staff, that was great from beginning to end.
Felix, Los Gatos
I installed solar on my roof with Akeena Solar in 2006. The inverter came with a 10-year warranty and after 9 years it failed. Although Akeena shut its doors, their former CEO Barry Cinnamon now heads up Cinnamon Solar and he was responsive and happy to help, despite technically being at a new company with no legal responsibility for Akeena’s installs. Cinnamon Solar obtained a warranty replacement for the inverter and installed it free of charge for me. I really appreciate Barry’s commitment to older customers and that they were willing to help me out like this.
Jeff, Campbell
We got several quotes for a system on our Cupertino home. Cinnamon Solar explained that owning the system — instead of leasing it or getting a PPA — would be best for our financial situation. They also provided us with a cash price that was lower than the other companies with comparable equipment. Their workers were courteous and efficient, and even painted the conduit and touched up the trim near our roof.
Bonnie, Cupertino
I cannot imagine why everyone would not consider getting a solar PV system. We took advantage of PACE financing, and couldn’t be happier with the experience from start to finish. 20MWhrs and counting, and our average monthly bill is down to $14.
Susan, Mountain View
I heard Barry Cinnamon’s “Energy Show” on KLIV and decided to take the plunge. We ended up with 6 estimates including Cinnamon’s. All were in the same ballpark but it was Cinnamon Solar’s follow up that impressed us. The salesman was patient and knowledgeable. He was willing to come by and answer questions as well as discuss options. The owner came out and met with us as well. All of this made choosing Cinnamon Solar easy. Once we signed, the crew came out and did the installation quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption to our home life. Today the message came that we could “Flip the switch” and we are now interconnected with PG&E and producing energy
I want to give a big thumb’s up to Cinnamon Solar.
George, San Jose
Before you lease or buy solar for your home in Silicon Valley, talk to Cinnamon Solar
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